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Wear 800: celebrating 800 years at the Unipd Store

Unipd Store is the merchandising shop of the University of Padua and now offers an entirely new line of products dedicated to the Unipd 800th Anniversary celebrations.  Offering the best-sellers with a whole new look. The Unipd 800 Line, with the redesigned seal placed over the traditional burgundy coloured background, is a reminder of the Paduan identity. The Unipd 800 Line includes canvas shopping bags, stationery, and the OCS certified organic cotton hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts available in all sizes, plus a selection of burgundy and blue E. Marinella handcrafted silk neckties.

More of the Unipd 800 Line arrives over the next few months.

The Unipd Store is located inside Palazzo Bo, via VIII Febbraio 2,  Padua. The entire Unipd 800 Line is also available online at www.unipdstore.it.