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Postnikov Petr Vasil’evič

Russian doctor, diplomat

Son of Vasilij Tomofeevič, a diplomat of rank, Vasilevich attended the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy of Moscow. In 1692, he was sent abroad to and began his medical courses.

Upon his arrival in Padua, he found lodging in the house of Nicolò Comneno Papadopoli. He graduated in medicine and philosophy in 1694 from Padua, and he remained in the city until at least May 2, 1695, the date of which he withdrew his diploma.

He never practiced medicine; instead, he found employment as a diplomat and translator, although he did not achieve a particularly high degree and role. He stayed for several years abroad, travelling through Austria, Holland, Great Britain, Italy and France. Returning to Russia in 1710, he continued as an interpreter and translator. Traditionally Vasilevich is considered the first Russian to graduate with a degree in medicine.

Postnikov Petr Vasil’evič

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