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Nicolò Tomeo Leonico

(Venice, Italy 1456 – Padua, Italy 1531)

A family originally from Epirus, it is understood that he studied Greek with Demetrio Calcondila in Padua. In 1485, he obtained a degree from the University of Padua.  In 1497, he made a request to the Venetian Senate, which would permit him to teach the works of Aristotle in Greek.  Except for a short teaching period in Venice, he held the position in Padua until the outbreak of the War of the League of Cambrai in 1494.

He taught many important figures, including William Latimer, Thomas Linacre, and Reginald Pole. He took part in the Erasmus intellectual group of Rotterdam including, Pietro Bembo, Gasparo Contarini, Gian Matteo Giberti, Thomas More, and Aldo Manuzio. Thomaeus published a collection of philosophical dialogues in Latin. The first of which titled “Trophonius, sive, De divinatione“, where he expresses his views on the immortality of the soul.

The restoration of the canvas by Nicolò Tomeo Leonico was supported by Caffè Diemme, Master Pisia a.y. 2020/2021 and others donors