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Moni Ovadia

Incontri al Bo, November 13, 1996

with Giorgio Tinazzi
restoration and digitization: Denis Brotto

Salomone “Moni” Ovadia (April 16, 1946, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) is an Italian actor, singer, musician, and writer.

He began his theatrical career in the 80s, collaborating with international artists such as Bolek Polivka, Tadeusz Kantor, and Franco Parenti. Ovadia later becomes the author, director, actor and company head of his brand of “musical theatre”, in which previous experiences combined with his extraordinary gifts as an entertainer, orator and humorist. The central theme linking together his shows and his vast production of recordings and written publications, is the composite and multifaceted tradition, the “cultural and actual wanderings” of the Jewish people, of which he is son and representative.