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Thomas Linacre

(Derbyshire 1460-1524 Londra)
English Humanist and Medical Doctor

Linacre was born in Derbyshire, England and descends from an ancient family who were recorded in the 1086 manuscript known as, the Domesday Book.

Linacre’s early education began at Canterbury Cathedral School, under the direction of William Tilly of Selling.  Linacre received his first incentive to study the Classics from Selling, and as a result entered Oxford University in 1481.  Shortly thereafter, Linacre accompanied Selling to Italy, as Linacre would become one of the first Englishmen to study Greek. In 1493, Linacre came to the University of Padua where he began studying medicine, and in 1496 Linacre graduated, with great distinction, with a doctorate degree in medicine.  In 1501, he was called to court as tutor of the young Arthur Tutor, Prince of Wales. On the accession of Henry VIII in 1509, Linacre was appointed the king’s physician, a position of considerable influence.

His fame is linked above all to his numerous translations of the works of Galen from Greek to Latin. In 1518, he asked Henry VIII for the creation of a college along with the controls the activity of the doctors of London and the surrounding territory. After Linacre obtained his charter for the College, no one except a regular physician could practice in and around London.

He devoted the fortune from his medical practice to the foundation of chairs in Greek medicine at Oxford and Cambridge University and to the establishment of the Royal College of Physicians.

Thomas Linacre

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