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Il Fiore di Botta

In 2008, following a proposal by then rector Vincenzo Milanesi, the University Administration Council gives the green light for development of the new Biology and Biomedicine educational complex. After six years, on 30 September 2014 “Il Fiore di Botta” is inaugurated under the rectorate of Giuseppe Zaccaria. Designed by Ticino-based architect Mario Botta, the structure becomes the educational centre of Biology and Biomedicine for professors, researchers and thousands of students.

The structure is composed of a single semicircular building with a total volume of over 34,000 cubic metres, a height of 18.5 metres and a surface area per floor of 1,727 square metres. It features 18 classrooms with a total of 1,668 seats, 25 labs with 728 seats, IT rooms, two study rooms and areas for lecturers and administrative-technical personnel. The layout of the building with its 5 radially-arranged architectural volumes suggests the image of a flower with petals, hence the name Botta’s Flower.

The heart of the building features a large, semi-cylindrical entrance with a ceiling open to sunlight while the exterior is exposed brickwork on a concrete structure. Energy saving was a key aspect of the design and construction process of this state-of-the-art and highly technological structure, both in terms of its architectural-construction features (building envelope) and air conditioning and lighting systems.