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Gonzalo Perez Gudiel

(Toledo, 1238 – Rome, 1299)

A canonist from the college of Toledo, he completed some of his studies in the cathedral school.

After 1250, he went to Paris where he was awarded a Magister of Arts. In Padua, in 1260, with the dignified title of archdeacon of Cuenca, he was recorded as being the first known chancellor of the university of law. Right from the beginning, he probably had predecessors in the role of chancellor considering that, in medieval universities, being an educational institution, this role ran parallel with the university itself.
He studied theology in Rome for two years following the Studium Curiae and then in the Spanish city of Palencia. He followed his ecclesiastic career in his home country, the highlight of which came in 1280 when he was named bishop of Toledo.
In 1296, he went to Rome where Pope Boniface VIII appointed him cardinal two years later.
He died in Rome in 1299.