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Dragišić Juraj (Giorgio Benigno Salviati)

(Srebrenica 1444/1448 – 1520 Barletta)
Bosnian philosopher and theologian

Born in Srebrenica, Bosnia on an uncertain date, Juraj was ordained as a priest in the cathedral of Bologna in 1469. Here he received the honour of Urbino citizenship and the noble lineage of the Phoenicians. During this time, Juraj devoted himself to literature, philosophy and theological teachings.

He went to Florence in 1482, a city he recounted with profound nostalgia, and in which he spent the formidable years of his life and career. From 1483 to 1491, Juraj dedicated his life to humanities, dialectic, ethics, philosophy and theology, along with his colleagues Cristoforo Landino, Angelo Poliziano, and Demetrios Chalkokondyles.
In 1485 he studied at the Theologians College of Florentine, then confirmed to the regency of Santa Croce for three years, also appointed inquisitor of Florence and provincial minister of Tuscany. Juraj was private tutor to the sons of Lorenzo de’ Medici, Piero and future Pope Leone X, Giovanni.

The powerful Venetian Salviatis family bestowed their name to Juraj, giving him the permission to sign his name as Salviatis in his work Dialectica nova secundum menten Doctoris Subtilis et beati Thomae Aquinatis aliorurnque realistarum.