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Domenico Turazza

(Malcesine, 30.07.1813 – Padua, 12.01.1892)

In 1831, he enrolled in the Faculty of Mathematics in Padua and, a few years later, in 1834, was appointed assistant professor of agriculture.

He graduated in mathematics the following year and in philosophy in 1837.
Following some time at the University of Pavia, he returned to Padua in 1842 to take up the post of professor of geodesy and hydrometry, of applied mechanics from 1866, of rational mechanics until 1891.
He covered the role of rector between 1870 and 1871 and in 1872 he became Dean of the Faculty of Sciences.

He is considered to be the founder of the School of Engineering associated to the University and became its first director. Considered to be one of the pioneers of modern hydraulics as experimental science, Turazza was a very active and multifaceted figure who covered several roles and posts during his lifetime: as consultant of the Government for the hydrogeological profile of the region, he took part in the Italian delegation to Suez to inaugurate the canal, was part of the delegation to protect Rome from flooding of the Tiber and of the delegation to monitor the effects of the overflowing of the River Po in the Veneto area. Turazza, however, was also Chief of Staff, Head of Batallion, member of the Committee for university education, president and member of the Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts of Padua, president of the Venetian Institute of Sciences, Humanities and Arts, member of the Italian Science Society and of the Lincean Academy, senator of the Kingdom and much more besides.