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Edmund Davie

(unknown – London, before 1688)

Edmund was the son of an English merchant who emigrated to Boston in 1662. He had already been awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard in 1674 before arriving to Padua together with his Scottish friend John Watson.Edmund Davie is thought to be the first American student to attend the University of Padova and, in general, the first English-speaking, North American student to attend an Italian university. He managed to enrol with the University of Padova on 9th February 1681 after the enrolment process had already closed, thanks to a special concession. He was granted entry to the degree course in medicine on 7th July, under the anatomy professor Giacomo Pighi, and he took his degree examination on 9th July, under the chairman Girolamo Frigimelica. His name still appeared on the university registers as at 30th September, even though he had already been awarded his degree.