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Caspar Bauhin

(1560 Basel, Switzerland – 1624 Basel, Switzerland)
Swiss physician, anatomist, and botanist

Son of Huguenot doctor Jean Bauhin, Casper Bauhin began his studies in philosophy and medicine in Basal, Switzerland.  From 1577 to 1580, Bauhin travelled extensively between Padua, Bologna, Montpellier, Paris, and Tubingen.  While in Padua,  Bauhin followed the lessons of Girolamo Fabrici d’Acquapendente, Girolamo Mercuriale and Melchiorre Guilandino.  Twenty years later Bauhin would began an important correspondence with Prospero Alpini, who he had known briefly in Padua.  Bauhin was invited into Gian Vincenzo Pinelli’s elite social circle.  Bauhin graduated with e degree in medicine in Basel on May 2, 1581.  It was while in Basel that Bauhin held an anatomy and botany chair.  In 1614, Bauhin opened his own medical practice.

Baudin’s most important contribution the science were the nomenclature of muscles and his introduction of the binomial nomenclature within the classification of botany.


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