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Scientific Schedule

In celebration of its 800th Anniversary, the University seeks to underline thescientific contributions shared with the international academic community.

By taking part and organizing international congresses and conferences, the University continues its long tradition of disseminating knowledge and building relationships across the globe. The University of Padua aims to continue building a future beyond its borders by engaging in research and scientific exchange dedicated to the wellbeing of others and in the promotion of equality, equitability, and sustainability in every context related to technology, culture, and society.

Programme 2022constantly updating

February 16-18: XXII Meeting of the Italian Association of Developmental and Comparative Immunobiology I.A.D.C.I.

February 23-24-28: States of the Rare Diseases

February 25: Knowing the Consumers from their Footprints: Insights from Neuromarketing & Data Analytics

March 10: Challenges for a sustainable sharing economy. A dialogue between Italy and France

March 10-12: Planning the future in enduring emergency

April 7-9: Re-framing lives. Historical, literary and interdisciplinary approaches to biography

April 21-23: Labour Mobility and Mobilization of Workers

April 28: Italy on the move again: the role of security at the time of the PNRR

April 28-29: Spring Colloquium on Probability and Finance

May 5: Conference dedicated to Bepi Colombo

May 9: What remains of the empire

May 11-14:  Spring School in International Politics & Security “The changing nature of conflicts. Global diplomacy and International threats

May 19-21: Eternity between space and time

May 20: The Riccati equation and the harmonic mean of Rizzetti: the algorithms of the eighteenth century

May 23-27: 100 years of the Unione Matematica Italiana and 800 years of the University of Padova

May 27-28: The “Cartabia reform” – New challenges for a changing justice system

June 6-8: International Boccaccio

June 6-9: VII Italian Congress of Slavic Studies

June 13-15: IX National Viticulture Conference

June 24: Ginecare – patologia vulvo vaginale dalla demolizione alla ricostruzione fino alla cosmetica

June 24-25: Visualizing Cities. Analyzing Fragmented History and Imagined Future

June 29 – July 1: Sustainability in Cultural Heritage

July 11-16: Sport, exercise and performance psychology: challenges and opportunities in a changing world

July 13-16: The Encounter with the Other: The Space Where Love and Threat Confront Each Other

July 18-23: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

August 22-27: 24th International congress of Byzantine studies

September 7-9: 51st AIAS Conference

September 19-21: 51° National Conference of the Italian Society for Agronomy

September 21-23: Statistical Methods and Models for Complex Data

September 22-24: Radical and sustainable innovation in clusters and multi specialized regions

September 22-24: XXX Congress of the Italian Association for Research and Intervention in Learning Psychopathology 

September 24: From the Flangini Greek College in Venice to the University of Padua

September 26-30: Aip Congress

October 12-14: Scientific Cosmopolitanism in the University Culture of Early Modern Padua

October 19 and 21: Lectures “Freedom and faith” – Ifed Institute

October 27-29: Exercise is Medicine

November 16: The urological prevention. Women talking about men

November 23-25: Music meets medicine. Rhythm, sounds and health

November 29 Ceremony to celebrate Mr. Judge Prof. Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque

December 2-4: XXV SISMI National Congress

December 12-14: Iconography 2022

January 19, 2023: The Politics and Policy of Basic Income Schemes: Lessons from Italian and European Cases