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The art of medicine. The Paduan school of medicine in Europe and the world

The latest volume from the Patavina libertas. A European history of the University of Padua book series celebrates the art of medicine in Padua starting from the roots of its beginning all the way to the present day. Each detailed page is the result of extraordinary work that takes the reader along the path of every medical development and advancement of medical knowledge. Discussing the political circumstances that favoured medical innovation, the book shows that the determination of professors and students brought forth a flourishing desire to teach and learn in Padua. It is thanks to an extraordinary group of educators that the history of medicine in Padua spread to the East and the West. Much like the achievements found in anatomy, Padua pushed its boundaries into other disciplines such as physiology, pathology, and clinical studies.  Formed through the exchange, encounter, and the often clashing of ideas and findings from other universities,  the desire to explore medical and scientific knowledge continues to represent the fundamental values found in the Paduan medical school’s legacy. Evoking tolerance and free thinking, the history of medicine in Padua is protected by the precious ingredient of social progress. The dissolution of the Republic of Venice in 1797 resulted in the rule of foreign domination, yet Padua continued to remain in contact with a growing and dynamic scientific community of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Medical findings in Berlin, Paris, London, and non-European institutions, soon arrived in Padua, sharing their results within the city’s Ospedale di San Francesco and academic classrooms.

The Art of Medicine. The Paduan School and Medicine in Europe and the World (L’arte medica. La scuola padovana e la medicina in Europa e nel mondo)

by Filiberto Agostini, Paolo Angeli, Barbara Baldan, Cristina Basso, Leontino Battistin, Francesco Bianchi, Fabrizio Bigotti, Franco Bui, Patrizia Burra, Andrea Cozza, Ernesto Damiani, Davide D’Amico, Antonio Da Re, Raffaele De Caro, Aron Emmi, Vittoria Feola, Fabrizio Ferrari, Enrico Furlan, Pietro Giusti, Domenico Laurenza, Veronica Macchi, Alessandro Martini, Stefano Martini, Cecilia Martini Bonadeo, Aram Megighian, Giuseppe Parisotto, Giorgio Perilongo, Giulia Perini, Lorenzo A. Pinna, Andrea Portzionato, Tullio Pozzan , Carlo Reggiani, Giovanni Silvano, Jingjing Su, Gaetano Thiene, Andrea Vendramin, Franco Zacchello, Fabio Zampieri, Alberto Zanatta, Daqing Zhang, and Jianping Zhu; edited by Giovanni Silvano

Donzelli – Padova University Press, 2022

ISBN 9788855223102 (Italian only)