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Retelling our history

On the eve of its ninth century, the University intends to re-explore and share its history to define its present and future role in a more informed manner. Several scientific and educational initiatives have been launched. These will contribute to revitalising the historical studies in the University and include the collaboration with both national and international partners.

Patavina Libertas – nine volumes on the history of the University
Nine research projects will lead to the publication of “Patavina libertas. A European history of the University of Padua,” a set of nine volumes dedicated to the history of the University, based on new archival research to retell the journey of the University of Padua in a European context. The volumes will be published both by Donzelli Editore and the Padova University Press.
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A database on academic mobility

These research projects include the implementation of a new database on the European mobility of the University scholars. Developed using the data management tools of Nodegoat, the project will be combined with The European Network on Digital Academic History- Héloïse. The database will include the census of tens of thousands of students and professors from the origins of the University to 1980 and will also include the cataloguing of the hundreds of coats of arms preserved in Palazzo Bo.
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New publications by the Centre for the history of the University
The Centre for the history of the University will also provide a series of publications, including a new historical profile of the University of Padua by Piero Del Negro, the “Clarissimi” series dedicated to eminent scientists.

Study awards
The University of Padua also announces a study award celebrating Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, the young scholar who obtained a degree in Philosophy from the University of Padua on June 25, 1678, thus becoming the first woman to graduate in the world. The award is dedicated to the participation of women over the eight centuries of history of the University of Padua.
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