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The Botanical Garden Museum

The Botanical Garden Museum is set to be the University’s second most important project with the enhancement of an interactive multimedia display set to highlight Italy’s richest collection of botanical plant specimens and hold the attention of an international audience.

The historical collection of plants, herbs, and algae are set for the exhibition along with a historic Apothecary collection donated to the University in 1994, but unavailable to the public until now. Added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, the restoration of the nineteenth-century greenhouses is set to enrich the ancient university garden.

Presented for funding approval to the Ministry of Education, University and Research in 2017, the construction of the Botanical Garden Museum project includes the conservation, rehabilitation, and plant upgrading. Energy efficiency and seismic improvement of the Prefect’s Building which will be housing the

Also located in the Prefect’s Building, the new ancient collection and the collection from the Pinali library will be moved to the new Botanical Garden Library Centre.