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A new anthem celebrating 800 years of the University of Padua “Oltre i secoli amica”

The new official anthem entitled Oltre i secoli amica celebrates 800 years of the University of Padua and commissioned to Concentus Musicus Patavinus of the University of Padua.

With lyrics composed by Stefano Dal Bianco and music by Federico Gon, the first performance of the anthem was on May 19, 2022 during the official opening of the 800th academic year. The voices of over 100 performers, musicians, and instrumentalists that form the University musical group were brought together for this special occasion.


Universa Universis
Patavina Libertas

Oltre i secoli amica
tu fiorirai per sempre del tuo vero,
rosa in cui tutto si rifà ragione.

Arnia porosa d’umana sostanza,
di sé svelata le menti innamora.

Da te ogni storia trae
la sua fresca interezza.

In te potenze chiudi,
in te rantolo e fimo
si fanno umani studi.

Oltre i secoli amica…

Universa Universis
Patavina Libertas

The lyrics composed by Stefano Dal Bianco were inspired by the poem IX Ecloghe written by Andrea Zanzotto. Phrases, verses, and words written by Zanotto are recast into an anthem that brings a musical voice to the centuries-old tradition behind the freedom of knowledge that defines the University of Padua. An institute of higher education that firmly holds together a community composed of different souls of science and knowledge known to us as ’the freedom of the arts and sciences, which may be freely taught’ as stated in Art. 33 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

The five components of Concentus Musicus Patavinus for which the anthem was orchestrated (large choir, chamber choir, Gregorian choir, classical orchestra and Big Band), include Alumni, faculty, students, technical and administrative staff, and those participating in Erasmus programs. Together they represent the richness of the University of Padua and the many voices of a community that express a common purpose with music. The anthem and those performing it strengthen the bond of the community beyond the university itself, placing Padua as a city open to all citizens, dedicated to strengthening the symbolic, scientific and artistic link with territory in which the University has lived for 800 years.