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The Unipd Botanical Garden as biodiversity ambassador in Tallinn

The Italian month of the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom project officially opened on Wednesday November 9, 2021. This initiative has been organised by Tallinn Botanic Garden to celebrate the biodiversity of the planet: every month the nature and culture of a different country are presented through a wide range of activities, including themed guided tours, lectures, concerts, and workshops.

The opening event jointly involved the Italian Embassy and the British Embassy, following ideally the partnership between the two countries in regard to the presidency of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November, a historic event for the fate of the climate, of society and of the entire ecosystem.

The University of Padua Botanical Garden is hosted in Tallinn throughout November with a video presentation and within a photographic exhibition, together with other prestigious institutions belonging to the Italian Botanical Society. Moreover, due to its prominent role in the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise since its foundation in 1545, it was chosen for a special project: an outdoor installation, in front of the Palm House, which will remain visible for the whole wintertime. The unique layout of the Garden – a circle with an inscribed square, divided into four units by orthogonal paths, oriented according to the main cardinal directions – is outlined in a flowerbed enriched with mosses, typical plants of the Baltic region, holding great potential. A reflection on the infinite forms of Nature in different places, times, climates.

This project is also part of the celebrations for the 800 years of the University of Padua, which has been hub of an extensive network of international relations since 1222, exerting great influence on scientific research.