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From Bologna to Padua on foot, 800 years later

From September 19 to 26 2022, the University of Padua retraced the same journey on foot taken by the students who, in 1222, left Bologna in search of greater freedom of study in Padua, which led to the founding of our University.

Eight routes represent the eight centuries that have passed since freedom, in all its forms, became the founding element of the University of Padua and the heart of its identity.

A-B September 19: Bologna – Castelmaggiore (15 km)

B-C September 20: Castelmaggiore – Malalbergo (24 km)

C-D September 21: Malalbergo – Ferrara (23 km)

D-E September 22: Ferrara – Polesella (23 km)

E-F September 23: Polesella – Rovigo (18km)

F-G 24 settembre: Rovigo – Sant’Elena (23 km)

G-H 25 settembre: Sant’Elena – Battaglia Terme (20 km)

H-I 26 settembre: Battaglia Terme – Padova (15 km)

Each route of the journey on foot offered Unipd students the opportunity to confront one another under the guise of eight different themes. Each theme coincides with historical sources that link the life of the students who had faced the same journey 800 years ago. Today those themes have been updated and will be discussed by sharing experiences that will form the contents of a series of podcasts scheduled for broadcast on November 30, 2022.