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800 ideas for the University of Padua

Faithful to its motto “Universa universis patavina libertas” (Liberty of Padua, universally and for all), the first symbolic and inclusive act of the celebrations was a call for ideas “800 ideas for the university of Padua”, which came to an end in May 2018. The competition was open to all those who felt part of its history and its values and shared its principles of inclusion, respect and liberty of speech, study and research. The participants were required to freely interpret the theme of the 800 years of the University, ranging from initiatives in the area of communication, culture, scientific knowledge and of any other activity suitable to promote and enhance the historical, cultural and ideal heritage of the University of Padua.

115 ideas arrived from students, employees, alumni and citizens, showing the active participation of a community which goes beyond the walls of the academy.

The awards were made available by the associations ‘Amici e degli Alumni dell’Università di Padova’.

The winners:

  • 1st prize: Lucia Ruggeri – project: Otto100 – otto studentesse per gli 800 anni dell’ateneo (eight female students for the 800 years of the university)
  • 2nd prize: Oscar Cipolato – project: Around the world in 800 days
  • 3rd prize: Ottavia Mazzon – project: 800 stories and UP

Special mentions by the jury:

  • Jessica Bertazzo (“Universa-mente” group) – project: Universa-mente (Universe-mind)
  • Mario Zangrando – project: Costellazioni, Rivoluzioni, Cospirazioni – La vita universitaria nel 1848 e dintorni (Constellations, Revolutions, Conspiracies – University life in 1848 and the following years)
  • Achille Michele Cirella – project: Adventure Theatre with Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia
  • Moira Pegoraro – project: Tutta un’altra storia (A whole different story)

Sponsors of the initiative were the radio presenter (and alumnus) Massimo Cirri and the actress Teresa Mannino, who launched the call, involving the public in a collective reinterpretation of the major figures of our University’s history.

The Italian advertiser and communicator Annamaria Testa was also part of the judging panel. She agreed to take on the role of artistic director to create the celebratory logo.