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The voice of courage (La voce del coraggio)

Concetto Marchesi became the new rector of the university during the Nazi occupation of Padua in November of 1943.  While listening to his impassioned speech inaugurating the academic year, 12-year-old Vandina understands that this moment was the beginning of an unexpected life. It becomes clear to Vandina that Marchesi, together with many university students, including her sister Fernanda, foresee an Italy free from Nazi Fascism, as she hears a voice of courage calling on her from within.

The book also includes in-depth information on the Rector Marchesi, the University, the Italian Resistance, the figure of the Rector, the gold medal for military valour, and the sculpture dedicated to the partisan Primo Visentin.

The Voice of Courage (La voce del coraggio) available in Italian written by Gigliola Alvisand i, illustrated by Sonia Maria Luce Possentini.

Carthusia Edizioni, 2022
ISBN: 9788869451591
Recommended for ages 9 and up

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voce del coraggio
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