Us, Galileo and the Moon

The first publication from the Free stories series simply had to be dedicated to Galileo Galilei, who lived in Padua between 1592 and 1610, where he developed the modern scientific method. The research and astronomical observations that he completed in Padua led to him publishing his Sidererus nuncius, a milestone in the history of science.

Us, Galileo and the Moon allows us to learn about a new side to Galileo, told through the words of two important women in his life. Virginia knew him as “Gali”, the older brother with whom she’d gaze at the stars during summer nights in Pisa. And then as the scholar to be admired and scientist to be supported. Many years later, in Padua, Galileo went on to become a famous professor at the university, courted by the Serenissima. During this time, he developed new instruments, held crowded lectures and continued to scrutinise the sky. For another Virginia, on the other hand, he was the harsh father who unexpectedly became an accomplice with whom she could begin to conquer the universe.

At the end of the book, information sheets are provided on Galileo’s acquaintances, research and experiments, together with an insight into the university at the time.

Noi, Galileo e la luna, text by Sabina Colloredo, illustrations by Sonia Maria Luce Possentini
Carthusia Edizioni, 2018
ISBN: 9788869450723
Recommended age: from 9 up
The English version of the book is not available