An extraordinary and tenacious woman and tireless scholar who became famous all over the world. She first studied under and then worked alongside some of the best international physicists. We’re talking about Massimilla Baldo Ceolin, known simply as “Milla”, one of the pioneers of particle physics. Thanks to her cutting-edge research, over the years she was given nicknames such as “the lady of the neutrino” or “lady of the antilambda”.

Milla is the story of an exceptional life dedicated to the science of the invisible, thanks also to information and materials provided directly by her relatives and former colleagues. Each page of the book therefore reflects the experiences of those who shared crucial moments of Milla’s scientific career, as well as telling the story of her interests, which left their mark on Padua’s culture and beyond.

At the end of the book, information sheets are provided on Milla, the study of physics in Padua and particle physics.

Milla, by Antonio Ferrara, with illustrations by Angelo Ruta.
Carthusia Edizioni, 2019
Published in: 2019
ISBN: 9788869450884
Recommended age: from 9 up

The English version of the book is not available

Milla - Copertina
Milla - estratto
Milla - Schede
Milla - illustrazione