The Secret of the Future

Enrico Bernardi was an ingenious engineer who designed the first Italian car while living in Padua during the end of the nineteenth-century and in 1894, together with two former pupils, he became the first Italian car manufacturer.
The fourth volume in the “Storie libere” book series, entitled “Il segreto del futuro (The Secret of the Future)” is dedicated to Bernardi’s life as is told through the words of Bernardi’s son Lauro and his curious friend Giannina. During an era of great transformation, Lauro and Giannina unveil their world as it suspends between traditional country life and the overwhelming changes found in the city.
The book includes an in-depth fact sheet of Bernardi life, his inventions, developments in the means of transportation, as well as city and country life during the late nineteenth century.

Il segreto del futuro, by Paola Zannoner, illustrations by Paolo d’Altan.
Carthusia Edizioni, 2020
ISBN: 9788869451126
Recommended age: from 9 years

The English version of the book is not available

Copertina Il segreto del futuro
Pagina - Il segreto del futuro
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