The monster collector

Antonio Vallisneri was one of the greatest scientific protagonists of the eighteenth century. Well known, yet long forgotten, for being one of the first researchers in medicine for adopting the experimental approach based on the scientific principles proposed by Galileo Galilei.  Vallisneri adhered to Galileo’s scientific method through extensive travel and careful observation of nature, which revealed the groundlessness of many prevailing theories handed down from antiquity.
With irony and light-heartedness, the story takes the reader on a journey accompanied by Tonino and the young Cencia as they introduced us to the cheerful, hardworking, and somewhat bizarre scientist. A scientist whose life’s work is to share the wonder that is the book of nature with the rest of the world.

A small section at the end of the book offers readers detailed information on Vallisneri, his method of investigation, his scientific discoveries, and his collections, which gave life to the museums of the University of Padua.

Il collezionista di mostri, by Lodovica Cima, with illustrations of Paolo Rui.
Carthusia edition, 2020
ISBN: 9788869451225
Recommended age: 9 years

The English version of the book is not available

Il collezionista di mostri - copertina
Il collezionista di mostri, pagine interne
Il collezionista di mostri, pagine interne
Il collezionista di mostri, pagine interne