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Storie libere (Free stories)

Eight volumes dedicated to eight individuals who were able to look beyond the limits of their time: men and women – out of the many who have filled our 800 years of history – who can serve as an example and provide encouragement for the younger generations. Two volumes per year, one in spring and one in autumn.

Storie libere(Free stories) is a series of illustrated historical storybooks produced in collaboration with Carthusia Edizioni, the publisher for young people that has won the Andersen prize numerous times. These are the brave stories “of those who used the strength of their own views to look at the world and towards the future”, told by some of Italy’s best writers and illustrators. Each volume will be accompanied by information sheets – produced by the University of Padova – about the individuals, the relative period in history and the science in which they played a leading role.

la canzone di elena copertina
Milla - Copertina
Il collezionista di mostri - copertina
La voce del coraggio copertina
Il mistero dell'anatomista 1