Tiny green wonders

Absorbed in our daily rush, we rarely notice the wonderful small gardens hidden between the cracks in the asphalt and in the layers of bricks. Tufts of grass and seasonal blooms create improbable green compositions in unlikely places. Massimiliano Tappari’s photographs capture these tiny green wonders, while Chiara Carminati’s pen directs us to discover them with her short rhythmic and poetic texts. A book that guides us to dwell on the details found under our feet, inviting us to take time to observe them and look for new ones.

Tiny Green Wonders (Piccolo verde-Italian only) by Chiara Carminati and Massimiliano Tappari
Editoriale Scienza, 2022
ISBN: 9788893931588
Recommended for ages 2+

piccolo verde 1
piccolo verde 2
piccolo verde 3