Travelling Plants

Plants not only provide us with food, spices, medicine, and fabrics but they provide us with good ideas for facing the challenges of the future.
A tour of the farmers market turns into a journey. Discovering thousands of plant varieties that man has tamed, and some of which has tamed us. Each stand, with their products from across the planet, becomes a fascinating meeting with hidden surprises behind every vegetable. Did you know there was a time when bananas had seeds and that almonds were poisonous, or that the tomato is native to America and coffee came from Africa? This is the extraordinary history of agriculture, forever changing the lives of humankind, through the surrounding landscape and the plants themselves.

To complete the journey, there is an additional “planetary menu” with recipes from all over the world including, Morocco, Thailand, Peru, the Horn of Africa.

Piante in viaggio (Travelling Plants), text by Telmo Pievani and Andrea Vico. Illustrated by Nicolò Mingolini.
Editoriale Scienza, 2019
ISBN: 9788873079781
Recommended age: from 9 up

The English version of the book is not available.