With our hands in the ground

Books of the Botanical Gardenstart in the only way possible: With our hands in the ground.

Plenty of information, activity ideas and a convenient glossary to help readers discover the world of plants – because plants are what really make the world go round. They create the essential conditions for the entire animal world, including us, to survive. They produce oxygen and clean the air that we breathe, they regulate the climate and form the basis for the food chain. They are able to absorb most of the harmful gases produced by humans, they use their roots to make the ground more compact, preventing landslides, and they defend the land from typhoons along tropical coastlines What’s more, we use plants to produce medicine and the materials we need for our activities. It is therefore everyone’s duty to learn about plants, to take care of them and to protect them.

With our hands in the ground. Discovering the world of plants, text and illustrations by Emanuela Bussolati.
Editoriale Scienza, 2019
ISBN: 9788873079798
Recommended age: from 8 up

The English version of the book is not available

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con le mani nella terra - interno