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An exclusive perfume to mark 800 years of history

The motto of the University of Padua – Universa universis patavina libertas – signifies freedom for all. The Marco Fanno Department of Economics and Business Sciences elaborated upon this motto, with the help of fragrance designer Claudia Scattolini, creating a discernible new perfume. The new fragrance is free and uninhibited, cultured and refined. A fragrance embodies the charms of history, memory, tradition and innovation. A scent evokes the glories of the prestigious university through an olfactory journey full of emotions.

Inspired by University of Padua Professor of Endocrinology, Carlo Foresta‘s study on the bourgeonal molecule capable of stimulating pheromone powers, Claudia Scattolini new perfume has a fragrance reminiscent of lily of the valley.

The olfactory pyramid is a metaphor for the evolution of our prestigious institution, through which Scattolini has interpreted using raw materials that identify and fully describe the recollections and identity of the University of Padua. The unique olfactory narration speaks exclusively and suggestively as it travels through the centuries.

piramide olfattiva del profumo

The top notes of fresh bergamot, lemon, and geranium leaves represent the youth of the student body. Bright from their studies, yet freshly inexperienced and eager to learn.

The heart notes of the lily of the valley represent the University of Padua itself. The research and discoveries pursued at the University of Padua including that the bourgeonal molecule. The queen of all flowers, the rose, is more majestic than all olfactory notes. The rose is noble and sophisticated, representing the authority of the fifth oldest university in the world. With reference to Guerlain Muguet Millésime 2019 of the ISIPCA, school of perfume. Jasmine and orange blossoms give an authoritative intensity and tenacity, while pepper and cardamom exemplify the enhancements offered by the international student body.

The base notes represent the solid principles on which everything stands. The woody notes of patchouli and sandalwood underline the solidity of the University of Padua. The perennial vetiver grass adds the earthy woody note extracted from its root, symbolizing how students are slowly growing in the name of culture and their future. The combination of ambergris and vanilla are the warm embrace typical of the Italian culture. While leather gives a firmer material note, representing the demanding and arduous efforts put forth in pursuit of intellect.