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Di palco in parco – From the stage in the park

‘Di palco in parco’ (from the stage in the park) is a series of theatrical performances for audiences of all ages, in particular for children, which brings life to various neighbourhoods in Padua.

Organized in collaboration with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, the performances are part of the 800th Anniversary University of Padua celebrations offering 4 plays and 2 narratives (animated stories) from the Febo Teatro and Barabao Teatro theatre companies.

Performances are held in Padua from the unique locations of Iris and Milcovich Park, as well as from Largo Debussy and Piazzale Cuoco, each marked by the UniPD 800 logo and signature colours.

Admission is free, registration is not needed.


2 September, Largo Debussy at 5:30 pm
Stories from the sea
Febo Teatro

9 September, Piazzale Cuoco at 5:30 pm
The musicians of Brema
Barabao Teatro

16 September, Iris Park at 5:30 pm
Barabao Teatro

16 September, Aula Ederle – Palazzo Bo, at 5:30 pm
Wolves stories
Febo Teatro

23 September, Largo Debussy, at 5:30 pm
The wizard of Oz (animated story)
Barabao Teatro

23 September, Milcovich Park at 5:30 pm
The stepsisters of Cinderella
Febo Teatro

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