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The Overseas to the Global South Series

The Overseas to the Global South Series shares the history of the University of Padua during colonization up to the global action for development.  The series aims to share the stories of scholars and students who contributed to shaping the common perceptions of Italy and the institutions and the peoples of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania. Their stories are told through archived video reels, photos, and testimonies curated in museum spaces of the University and found in Padua’s City Hall, each event in the series is streamed live.

From the Age of Enlightenment to colonization, from empires to decolonization through the transformation of North-South relations and today’s global interdependence, the Overseas to the Global South Series illustrates how scientific and humanities disciplines and university institutions were powerful political tools as a reflection of society. The series aims to demonstrate the impact of these institutions as places where thought, intellect, and culture defined their time. Far from being neutral, institutions were actors in the construction of global humanity, for better or worse.

Before or after each event, registration is available for those who wish to take part in a free guided tour of museum venues.