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Padova, 21 giugno 2022

Arcellatown street art dedicated to Vesalius

torretta 5 vesalio enel

Andrea Vesalius is the latest protagonist in the fifth work of the Arcellatown street art project Universa Universis Patavina Libertas dedicated to eight centuries of the University of Padua.  As the father of modern anatomy, best known for his published works of De Humani Corporis Fabrica, Vesalius was the inspiration behind the title and image painted by the Sardinian-born artist Andrea Casciu on the Enel electrical substation located via Elena Valmarana in Padua.

Casciu, who lives and works in Bologna, interprets the mural as a praise of the perfection of the human body and the equality of men, regardless of other geo-cultural factors as an inclusive work with a universal message. The artist uses irony as he offers a subversive view into everyday life like a thin line that separates the individual from the multitude.

The mural is the fifth in a series of artistic works to transform eight electrical substations of E-Distribuzione in the Arcella district that honour the eight centuries of the University of Padua and made possible thanks to the patronage of the University.