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Padova, 20 dic 2021

The Dream of Hercules in the Ancient Courtyard

This year, during these festive days, there are no Christmas trees in the Ancient Courtyard of Palazzo Bo. Rather, the University of Padua presents the community with an installation that speaks of the journeys, discoveries, research, truths, limits, and knowledge. Of freedom.

The Dream of Hercules installation is on display in the Ancient Courtyard of Palazzo Bo from December 20 to January 9, illuminated daily from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The Dream of Hercules
Like the boundaries of the known World of Antiquity
the Pillars of Hercules are held in a mythical place
such as the Journey of Ulysses, as evoked by Dante
and imagined by Plato in his search for Atlantis,
and overcome by Christopher Columbus as he sailed to the unexpected Americas
they place men and women in front of their limitations of knowledge
directing them towards the possibility of discovery
including that for which they do not seek
to explore the unknown and defy uncertainty
in this place, under these pillars
students and scholars
have come from all over the world
for eight hundred years
torenew the search of boundaries
tracing new and wider horizons
for all to benefit
in the name of freedom since 1222 freedom in science, in art and in culture

Installation curated by: The Communication Office of the University of Padua (Communication and Marketing Area)

Voiced by: Vittorio Attene and Bruna Laura Filippini