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The University of Padua and the space

As part of the University of Padua 800 anniversary celebrations, the University of Padua proposes the project “Padua and Space: from robotics and human space exploration to Science and Diplomacy”.
This is a series of initiatives coordinated by David Burigana, professor at the University of Padua, with the scientific advice of Enrico Lorenzini and realized under the patronage of the Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies SPGI and CISAS Center for Space Studies and Activities “Giuseppe Colombo”.


November 30, 2021: Science Diplomacy. Space, Microelectronics and Virtual Diplomacy

December 1, 2021: From ice to the stars. Scientific diplomacy at the service of the Earth

February 19, 2022: Moon gallery: art and science in space celebrating 800 years of Unipd

May 5-6 2022: Conference dedicated to Bepi Colombo

6 maggio 2022: Bepi Colombo, il pescatore di stelle