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Lessons on freedom

The key word is freedom, the same word imbedded in the University of Padua’s motto Universa Universis Patavina Libertas, a word that has illuminated a path since 1222 when a group of students left Bologna in search of new forms of knowledge and truths. The same word defines 2022 as the year we celebrate our 800th Anniversary, a year to: Free Your Future.
Drawing from this liberating spirit, we are pleased to offer the Lessons on Freedom Series.  Held from March 6 and March 27, each of the lesson offers a moment of reflection, explored through different perspective hosted under the historical stage of Padua’s Teatro Verdi.
The Lessons of Freedom Series is open to the public in celebration of the University of Padua’s 800th Anniversary. Events include guest speakers in dialogue with University of Padua professors and former rectors.  Students from the Teatro Verdi School read text that aim to create a bridge between the past, present and future. Each ‘lesson’ in the series is held on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am.

6 marzo – Freedom and justice – with Paola Severino, Lawyer and former Italian Minister of Justice, and Giuseppe Zaccaria, Philosopher of Law and former University of Padua Rector

13 marzo – Freedom and scientific research – with Alberto Mantovani, Physician and Immunologist, and Rosario Rizzuto, former University of Padua Rector and Biomedical Researcherdi Padova

20 marzo – Freedom and need – with Economist Elsa Fornero, and Gilberto Muraro, Economist and former University of Padua Rector

27 marzo – Freedom of coscience – with Historian Adriano Prosperi, and Vincenzo Milanesi, Philosopher and former University of Padua Rector

Participation is available by registration only.