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Photo Gallery

  • Palazzo Liviano

    Palazzo Liviano

    In 1934, architect Gio Ponti was already working closely with the rector Carlo Anti on the renovation of Palazzo Bo when he won the competition for the construction of the new building for the School of Humanities, in the city centre.
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  • The Portello University Quartier

    The Portello University Quartier

    In the first post-war period the building expansion of the University moved to northeast of the city centre, near Porta Portello, where the new “university district of San Mattia” was developed. Today it is one of the most active and lively areas of academic and student life.
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  • Modern architecture

    Modern architecture

    In the last century the University of Padova has invested in the construction of new buildings and in the definition of green structured spaces, and so it participated in the growth and development of the city. It helped to redesign wide areas of Padova by collaborating with great Italian and International architects.
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  • People, students and guests at Unipd

    People, students and guests at Unipd

    Important figures who made the history of the University of Padova: professors, researchers, scientists, students, people who worked for the growth of our University
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