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A Talk With…

The University has welcomed countless faces and voices to Padua throughout its long history.
The experiences, stories, knowledge, and contributions shared by guests is a testament to the vast array of perspectives shared during the countless meetings, conferences, and lectures hosted by the University. They are the literary, scientific, cinematic, artistic, and cultural viewpoints gathered under a well-planned schedule of events over the years. Meetings offered national and international guests an opportunity to express and touch upon the most urgent issues facing the contemporary world.
Over the past 25 years, the University has preserved a rich archive of audio and video footage collected during events such as Incontri al Bo, Universa, Bo Culture, Equality Talks, the Padua Nobel Lecture Series, the Padua Freedom Lecture Series, and the annual Researchers’ Night. The footage acts as a historical time capsule capable of recounting the past and the present through its exceptional array of witnesses.