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21 April 2022 17:30 Export to Calendar

Fondazione Corriere della Sera

Via Solferino, 26
Milano, MI 20121

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21 April 2022 @ 17:30 - 19:00


Università di Padova
Website: unipd.it

What is freedom, what does it mean to be free? How can philosophical reflection, critical thinking, and secular rationality translate into action and change history? How short is the step from refined intellectual speculation to reaching the merits of a Gold Medal of Military Valour for a war of liberation?

The discussion is organized on behalf of the book release of La filosofia e lettere. Le origini, la modernità, il Novecento (Italian only), which is scheduled to be published in Milan on April 21 as part of the collaboration with Donzelli Editore for the University of Padua Patavina Libertas book project.

The event is also broadcasted live on Youtube.

Curated by the philosopher and former rector of the University of Padua Vincenzo Milanesi, the discussion confronts the meaning and goals of freedom – not just studied – but a freedom that has been lived. The discussion welcomes the University of Milan Rector Elio Franzini and Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Pisa Adriano Fabris. The philosopher of science and University of Padua Prof Telmo Pievani moderates the discussion.

Beginning with the characters and the stories presented in the volume, we discover how the philosophy of Padua, in the most universal sense known under its studia humanitatis, has materialized in scientific and revolutionary thought, thanks to freedom.  The freedom that has allowed one to think freely, study freely, conduct research freely, and act freely, is a freedom that has been at the heart of the University of Padua since 1222 and one that has opened up new conceptual horizons, one that has built bridges that cross nations and disciples through collaborative projects. The volumes reflect on how this “University of unscrupulous Reason, of Liberty, of Patriotism” found its way across the world fearlessly and with determination in history: as it is only when the thought of study and theory become commitments and practices, can it be said to be truly accomplished and worthy.