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30 November 2022 21:00 Export to Calendar

Teatro Torresino

Via Torresino, 2
Padova, PD 35122 Italia

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30 November 2022 @ 21:00 - 23:00


Centro d’Arte
Website: //www.centrodarte.it/

In 2022, the University of Padua and the Centro d’Arte came together to share in a spectacular season of musical performances.  As the University celebrates its 800th Anniversary with a rich program of activities, the Centro d’Arte organizes musical initiatives through research, contemplation, and its expertise in the field of music.

Therefore, Centrodarte22 becomes an Opera Libera, by interpreting and developing the ancient motto of the University of Padua- Universa Universis Patavina Libertas. Freedom, like that of the University’s unwavering freedom in research, is the theme of its season of musical performances, upholding the character of autonomous expression that defines Centro d’Arte.

On November 30, Padua’s Teatro Torresino hosts the Centrodarte22 – Opera Libera original production of What we do when in silence. Performed by some of Italy’s most adventurous musicians, including electric guitarist and classically trained musician Alessandra Novaga, the production turns sound experimentation and radical improvisation into a spectacular performance joined by percussionist Enrico Malatesta and the electroacoustic performer Nicola Ratti.


The Opera Libera concert series is part of the University of Padua’s 800th Anniversary Celebrations.

The theme of freedom behind the Opera Libera concert series is an echo of the need to highlight more women in musical creativity.  Freedom, as a reflection of the post-colonial cultural identity that places a value upon African-American music, forever influencing contemporary society, language, poetry, and art. The musical initiatives proposed by Centro d’Arte demonstrate how various artistic practices bring meaning to music that is truly in tune with the times from composition to improvisation, and the technology developed to create new sounds. The Centro d’Arte is dedicated to supporting the University of Padua in celebrating freedom in scientific and technological research in relation to the development of artistic languages.

Unipd students enjoy a discount on tickets at 1 € each

Regularly priced tickets are 12 € each, reduced tickets are 5 € each