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22 October 2022
23 October 2022
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Villa parco Bolasco

via Borgo Treviso, 48
Castelfranco Veneto, Tv 31033 Italia

Phone 049 827 3939

Website: //www.villaparcobolasco.it/

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22 October 2022 - 23 October 2022


Università di Padova
Website: unipd.it

The Open Nature series of activities held at Villa Parco Bolasco between September and October of 2022, OMNE offers a workshop with Enrico Malatesta and Attila Faravelli as part of the celebratory schedule of events for the 800th Anniversary of the University of Padua. Enrico Malatesta is an active percussionist in experimental research fields between music and performing arts, while Attila Faravelli is an electroacoustic sound artist and musician.

The workshop explores the relationships between sound, body, and space. Participants are encouraged to consider ways of listening that undermine the opposition between subject and environment through active and passive perception. Participants consider sound and silence, movement and stillness in continuity with their personal interests and specific skills as theoretical reflections that is alternated with sounds carried out in situ as well as in field recordings.

Participation is free with the purchase of an entrance ticket for those who register by 21 October.