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Aula Magna di Palazzo del Bo

Via VIII febbraio, 2
Padova, Pd 35122 Italia

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15 November 2022 @ 17:00 - 19:00

The University of Padua hosts the Nobel Lecture by Adam Guy Riess,  Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Thomas J. Barber Professor in Space Studies at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, distinguished astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

The American astrophysicist, who shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics with Saul Perlmutter and Brian P. Schmidt  “for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae” holds at Unipd the Nobel Lecture The Surprising Expansion History of the Universe.

In 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered that our Universe is expanding. Eighty years later, the Space Telescope that bears his name is being used to study an even more surprising phenomenon: that the expansion is speeding up. The origin of this effect is not known, but is broadly attributed to a type of “dark energy” first posited to exist by Albert Einstein and now dominating the mass- energy budget of the Universe. Professor Riess describes how his team discovered the acceleration of the Universe and why understanding the nature of dark energy presents one of the greatest remaining challenges in astrophysics and cosmology. He also discusses recent evidence that the Universe continues to defy our best efforts to predicts its behavior.

The meeting opens with institutional greetings by Fabio Zwirner, Vice Rector for Research. Gianguido Dall’Agata, Professor at the University of Padua, introduces and moderates.

The event is sold out.

The event is also streamed online on the Unipd YouTube channel.





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