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19 February 2022 17:00 Export to Calendar

Aula Nievo a Palazzo del Bo

Via 8 Febbraio, 2
Padova, Pd 35122 Italia

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19 February 2022 @ 17:00 - 19:00

Promoted within the framework of future long-term habitats on the Moon and Mars, the Moon Gallery is an artistic initiative born from the collaboration of the European Space Agency ESA and several European and American universities. The Moon Gallery initiative aims to land a small permanent art gallery on the Moon by 2025.

The Rotary Clubs of Padua and Padua North have made it possible for various artists in Padua to submit works of art, for which some have been selected from the Moon Gallery open call. The artwork of Renzo Pasquale, dedicated to the city of Padua, includes a cube created and inspired by the Galileo Galilei lunar drawings found in the Sidereus Nuncius. Landing first on the International Space Station (ISS) and finally, on the Moon, the artwork exhibited on the Moon Gallery will include a tangible object that displays the excellence of the University and the importance of its 800th Anniversary milestone.

The launch to the ISS launch takes place aboard the Cygnus space freighter (Cygnus NG-17 mission) from Wallops Islands, Virginia (USA) on February 19 around 6 pm (Western European Time).

To follow this moment, the University proposes a meeting at Palazzo Bo, during which the “800 years of the University of Padua in Space” conference is also anticipated and scheduled for 7 to 9 September next, organized by UNIPD Professor Sofia Pavanello with the collaboration of various departments of the University of Padua and the Astronomical Observatory of Padua – National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF).

moon galler

The event welcomes Sofia Pavanello, Cesare Barbieri, Leopoldo Benacchio, David Burigana, Stefano Debei, Marco Narici, Giampaolo Piotto, Roberto Ragazzoni and online from the Wallops Island website, Bernard Foing, Chairman of the Lunex Euro Moon Mars, and Moon Gallery Foundation.

Also welcoming the presidents of the two Paduan Rotary Clubs, Emanuele Cozzi and Enzo Nalli, and the selected artists Renzo Pasquale, Anna Maria Zanella, Jone Suardi, Alberta Vita, and Bluer (aka Lorenzo Viscidi). Giuseppe M. Andreozzi (RC PdN) will also participate. The Moon gallery also includes two pieces of artwork of a sociological nature from the Fava Foundation of Catania as a testimony of terrestrial life brought to the Moon.

The launch towards the International Space Station (ISS) scheduled for February 19, 2022, constitutes an important intermediate stage aimed at verifying both the integrity of the supporting structure of the selected artworks and its usability by the public on the ground. There is also a scientific interest as various colours projected from artworks will be used to photometrically calibrate some of the onboard cameras.

Participation in the event is free, by reservation only.

The event is also broadcasted online: Zoom meeting.

The event is part of the University of Padua 800th Anniversary Celebrations.

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