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09 Feb 2023

Libère ton avenir. The University of Padua celebrates its 800th anniversary in Marocco

09 February 2023
11 February 2023
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9 February 2023 - 11 February 2023


Istituto italiano di cultura di Rabat
Website: //iicrabat.esteri.it/iic_rabat/it

The 2023 Free your Future – Padua in the World conference series Free your future. Padua in the World comes to a conclusion in Morocco from February 9th to the 11th. In celebration of the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua, the conference series is organized with the support of Italian cultural institutes across various international contexts, underlining a vocation witnessed throughout the history of the University.

Today, in a historical phase in which the feeling that the Mediterranean dimension must become the object of a new consideration is becoming more widespread and acute, as an indispensable condition for a Europe capable of withstanding the tests imposed on it by the transformations in progress of the University of Padua offering a vast network of collaborations with universities and research centres from all over the world, there is no lack of significant experiences oriented in this direction. We must note the multi-year activity of the group of social science scholars (including Enzo Pace, Renzo Guolo, Stefano Allievi, 2 Chantal Saint-Blancat, Mohammed Khalid Rhazzali) who have chosen the contemporary Islamic world as the bases of its research, dedicating a particular focus to the phenomenon represented by migratory processes towards Europe, with the consequent formation of an original European Islam. It is a path in which academic research intertwines with action research and extends to initiatives known as the Third Mission and which has given rise to achievements in collaboration with four Moroccan universities, such as the PriMED, project, the International Master in Religion, Politics and Global Society, and the project “Arriver en Europe, partir de l’Europe : trajectoires marocaines et turques” under Erasmus plus, as well as mobility between teachers, students and students that has been happening for many years and continues to bear fruit.

On 9 February (2:40 – 5:30 pm), at the Mohammed V University of Rabat, Stefano Allievi, scientific director of the Unipd international Master’s degree in Religion, Politics and Global Society, will moderate a meeting on Scientific cooperation between Italian and Moroccan universities: balance of recent years and prospects, which sees the participation of various scholars

On 10 and 11 February, at the Conseil Régional Casablanca, the “Jazz Society. Le monde Pluriel Expliqué par le Jazz“ offers two days of discussion on issues facing contemporary society. The performance on the first evening uses the words of Stefano Allievi and the music of Sergio Marchesini (accordion) and Franco Nesti (double bass and voice).  Playing the music that has defined jazz history to that of contemporary and lesser-known pieces, each note reminds us of freedom, democracy, coexistence, the ethics of encounter, conflict and cultural dialogue, explained with an involvement that no single word can say alone.