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Complesso Beato Pellegrino

via Beato Pellegrino, 28
Padova, Pd 35137

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30 September 2022 @ 21:00 - 22:30

We often believe in magic, paranormal phenomena or the most unlikely news because, in some way, our senses and the way our mind works lead us to believe what is, in fact, unbelievable. In short, we believe what our eyes see, what our ears hear or what seems to be true at first impressions, while we conveniently forget, that sometimes our senses fall into error.

Massimo Polidoro presents L’ho visto coi miei occhi! who explains perceptual paradoxes and cognitive pitfalls while illustrating how our mind can deceive us, making us believe in non-existent phenomena. Polidoro’s presentation includes “experiments” that he conducts with the audience, casting light on the tricks of magicians and fortune-tellers. The presentation offers insight on how to face the unusual with scientific tools and how to defend oneself against the hoaxes that rage online and beyond.

The scheduled event is part of the Science4All program of the University of Padua that aims at communicating science in a simple and fun way.  The rich program of activities held from 26 September to 2 October welcomes audiences of all ages and is part of the University’s 800th Anniversary celebrations.

Admission is free.


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