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Sala Teatro Giovanni XXIII

Piazza Piloni 11
Belluno, Italia

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8 June 2022 @ 17:30 - 20:00

The forum on “the Culture of Climate Change” in preparation for the 56th Culture in Ecology Course (June 22-24).
Organized by the University of Padua Study Center for Environmental Challenges in celebration for the 800th anniversary of the University, the forum welcomes experts to discuss climate change topics from different perspectives.

Welcoming, expert Andrea Marzoli from the University of Padua to discuss the climate of the past and the relationships between the characteristics of the atmosphere and the mass extinction of the late Triassic. The economist Cesare Dosi from the University of Padua who reflects on the effectiveness of adaptation as opposed to climate change mitigation.  Expert Gabriella Salviulo from the University of Padua to share how human rights, peace, environmental protection and international solidarity are connected to climate change. The artist and activist Stefano Cagol shares his vision on how to communicate the climate emergency through contemporary art.

Moderated by Gianluca D’Incà Levis (Dolomiti Contemporanee), Tommaso Anfodillo (University of Padua), and Alberto Simiele (Municipality of Belluno Councilor for Environmental Policies).

The forum is part of the “800 Years of the Environment and Unipd” initiative dedicated to the environmental challenges of the past, present and future.