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02 Mar 2022

Exploration and discovery: Paduan scholars at the beginning of scientific research and beyond

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Orto Botanico

Via Orto Botanico, 15
Padova, Pd 35123 Italia

Phone 0498273939

Website: Sito dell'Orto Botanico

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2 March 2022 @ 10:30 - 12:00


Dipartimento di Scienze politiche, giuridiche e studi internazionali
Phone: +390498274202
Email: dipartimento.spgi@unipd.it
Website: //www.spgi.unipd.it/

The event entitled ‘Esplorazioni e scoperte: gli studiosi padovani, l’avvio della ricerca scientifica e la scoperta dell’“altro” (Exploration and discovery: Paduan scholars at the beginning of scientific research and beyond) is part of a series of events from Dall’Oltremare al Sud Globale. L’Università di Padova dalla colonizzazione all’azione globale per lo sviluppo (From Overseas to the Global South. The University of Padua from colonization to global action for development). Organized by the University of Padua, the event is part of the 800th Anniversary Celebrations.

When the botanists, geologists, and earth scientists had first pursued their scientific journeys and the philosophers and humanities scholars pondered the political and social structures of man Giambattista Brocchi became the reference point for both courses of study. Giambattista Brocchi (1772-1826) studied jurisprudence at the University of Padua before pursuing natural history disciplines in the University’s Botanical Gardens, where he formed his first technical and scientific approach. Brocchi left Europe and dedicated his geology studies to Egypt, Syria, and Sudan in 1822.

Celebrating the 250th anniversary since Brocchi’s birth, the civic library and the Bassano’s archive collaborate in the event as an opportunity to learn more about the documents and materials during the time of his research. Artefacts include Il costume di tutte le nazioni e di tutti i tempi attributed by the Professor of History and University of Padua Rector Lodovico Menin.

The event welcomes Francesco Berti, Professor of History of Political Doctrines at the Department of Political, Legal and International Studies, Elena Calandri Professor of History of International Relations at the Department of Political, Legal, and International Studies and Tomas Morosinotto, Prefetto of the Botanical Garden.

Other speakers: Stefano Pagliantini, director of the Museum of Bassano (online), Mariagabriella Fornasiero, conservatrice del Unipd Museum of Geology and Palaeontology, Maurizio Rippa Bonati University of Padua, Giuseppe Busnardo, Museum of Bassano, Francesco Tognoni, San Bassiano hospital, Paolo Mietto Unipd geologist.

To attend the event reservation is required. The event is also broadcasted in streaming.

Events from the Dall’Oltremare al Sud Globale. L’Università di Padova dalla colonizzazione all’azione globale per lo sviluppo series (90 min. each) take place in-person within University museum spaces and can be viewed online.  Using videos, images, and testimonies, the series uncovers how the University, and other scholars, have contributed to shaping the relationships and perspectives between Italy and the global regions of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania. Events discuss an array of ideas including those, from the Enlightenment to colonization; Imperialism to decolonization; and the transformation of North-South relations to today’s global interdependence. The series aims to illustrate how the scientific and humanities disciplines within universities and institutions have held not only powerful political tools and mirrors, but how they have elaborated the thoughts and cultural principles of their time. Far from being neutral, they have played a role in the construction, in darkness and light, of global humanity.

After each event, participants can access and reserve a free-guided tour at selected venues.