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14 May 2022

The rules of democracy and the boundaries of power

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Sala dei Giganti

Palazzo Liviano
Padova, Pd 35139 Italia

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14 May 2022 @ 10:00 - 15:00


Dipartimento di Diritto pubblico, internazionale e comunitario
Website: //www.dirpubblico.unipd.it/

Organized by the Department of Public, International and European Union Law, the first public meetings from the series “Patavina libertas and Freedoms: Safeguards and Constraints in a Pluralistic and Globalized Society”, will be held on Saturday, May 14 at 10 am. The series is part of the “800 years of Law and Freedom in Padua” program in celebration of the University’s 800th anniversary.

The meeting welcomes three distinguished Italian constitutionalists, UniPD Prof Lorenza Carlassare, and two former presidents of the Italian Constitutional Court Gustavo Zagrebelsky and Gaetano Silvestri, interviewed by the journalist and celebrated columnist of Il Corriere della Sera, Gian Antonio Stella.

The meeting reflects on today’s declining concept of the “rule of law”, by asking how to preserve and protect individual freedoms concerning the exercise of power (consider, for example, the constraints imposed during the pandemic). The meeting continues to ask how bad or manipulated information can condition democratic participation in the decision-making process for both the legislative and administrative spheres of government.

The President of the Image Commission of the UniPD Department of Public, International and European Union Law. Roberto Kostoris introduces the meeting.

Participation is available by registration only.