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Palazzo Bo

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8 October 2022 @ 10:00 - 19:00


Associazione Alumni Scuola Galileiana
Website: //www.alumniscuolagalileiana.it/

Organized by the Galileian School Alumni Association, in collaboration with Associazione Alumni dell’Università di Padova and with the contribution of the Associazione degli Amici dell’Università di Padova, the Chiavi di volta Festival explores new forms of power in today’s world. The key (chiavi) used to describe the festival is meant to unlock the power of the community, by placing them as the keystone element needed to stand up against that which must be confronted, thus defining the life of a society.

So what does “power” mean today? What are the new economic and legal “weapons” on which conflicts are fought? Held at Palazzo Bo, a day dedicated to providing answers to such questions by welcoming scholars and representatives from civil society to share a dialogue with University of Padua professors and members of the Alumni Association.

The meeting addresses various issues, such as technological development and information, geopolitics and international relations, raw materials and resources, personal power and large multinationals, the economy and central banks, and the relationship between art and power.

The meeting is open to the public as part of the 800th Anniversary of the University of Padua celebrations.