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Oceano Atlantico

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20 May 2022 @ 8:00 - 17:00

The vessel, that carries out its mission by monitoring the dispersion and abundance of plastics and microplastics in the Atlantic Ocean, departs from Cape Canaveral, Florida (USA).

It faces a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, passing the coasts of Florida, the Bahamas, the Azores, and Portugal towards its final destination in the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar before finally docking in Genoa towards the end of July.

The journey includes a research program and crew coordinated by Unipd prof. Maria Cristina Lavagnolo. The crew, including University of Padua environmental engineering researcher Valentina Poli, is tasked with monitoring the ocean by collecting water samples from various environmental compartments, such as sand and sediments, surface water, water columns and possibly biota.

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