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Aula Magna e Archivio antico, Palazzo Bo

Via VIII Febbraio, 2
Padova, 35122 Italia

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12 March 2022 @ 15:30 - 19:30


Dipartimento dei Beni culturali
Email: dipartimento.beniculturali@unipd.it
Website: //www.beniculturali.unipd.it/

Developed by the Department of Cultural Heritage (DBC), the 8×8: 8 storie per 8 secoli initiative kicks off with the first in the two-part Century ‘Zero’ event. Proposed by the professors and researchers of DBC, the multidisciplinary schedule of events aims to illustrate the connection between academic and city life in celebration of the University of Padua’s 800th Anniversary.

Coordinated by Michele Cupitò and Caterina Previato, and curated by Jacopo Bonetto and Elena Svalduz, the first part of the Century ‘Zero’ event takes place on March 12 at Palazzo Bo with the conference “The Department of Cultural Heritage for the 800th Anniversary of the University of Padua.”

The day continues in the Sala Rossini on the main floor of Café Pedrocchi with a conference on “The Birth of a City: Protohistoric Age to the Roman Empire-the Origins and Development of Padua” by Jacopo Bonetto, Michele Cupitò, Elena Pettenò, Caterina Previato, Francesca Veronese.

This, followed by a guided tour of the city by Jacopo Turchetto and Arturo Zara on “The San Lorenzo Bridge, from fruition to onlookers”.

The second part of the Century ‘Zero’ event will take place on Saturday, March 26, including a conference, guided tour, and the theatrical performance of “Eroi” by Andrea Pennacchi.

Participation is available by registration only.